5 reasons why Ingham Nissan Leaf drivers can sleep easier.

05 July 2018 | News

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The latest and greatest trend in the world!

  1. No gas station visits (unless they want a coffee or a pie).
    With the newly imposed regional fuel tax, fossil fuel has jumped an extra 11c a litre for Aucklanders. The Nissan Leaf’s Electric motor can simply be conveniently slow-charged at home overnight for almost 300 km of range.
  2. Service costs are a dream.
    Without the ‘moving engine parts’ to maintain, service costs for the Nissan Leaf are greatly reduced. Ingham Nissan’s Master technicians thoroughly diagnose and service this popular Electric Vehicle without the stress of hefty maintenance bills.
  3. Zero Emissions is good for the planet.
    A clear conscience is a recipe a good night’s sleep. And knowing you are doing good for future generations by reducing your Co2 emissions will have you sleeping like a baby.
  4. New technology reduces driving stress.
    The 2018 Nissan Leaf now comes loaded with driver aids. ProPilot is a semi-autonomous aid that helps keep you centred in your lane, it maintains speed and will bring the vehicle to a stop when the traffic ahead dictates. ProPilot Park has the Nissan Leaf parking autonomously and the e-pedal will slow the Leaf without the need to use the pedal (due to the regenerative braking). However, under heaving braking, the brake pedal is still required.
  5. Peace of mind.
    Since Ingham Nissan brings the new generation Nissan Leaf directly in from an overseas showroom, they are clear of ‘previous owner’ worries.