Ingham Nissan’s Top Electric Vehicle Tips

05 July 2018 | News


5 things all Electric Vehicle drivers should know:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race.
    Slow charging your Nissan Leaf is better for the life of your battery than repeatedly fast charging. Also, when simply commuting, charging to only 80% (rather than full charge) is preferred.
  2. Take the fast lane.
    In case you didn’t know, Nissan Leaf EV drivers can happily take the special EV lanes (such as motorway on-ramp lane). Go on, you deserve it. Please ensure you have your EV stickers displayed. For more information check out
  3. Heated seats draw less power than Air Conditioning.
    Ingham Nissan has discovered that it takes less power to heat the seats and the steering wheel than to fire up the AC. And don’t forget, the new generation Nissan Leafs can keep all your passengers warm, as they have heated rear seats too!
  4. Timing is everything. Find out when your power company charges lower rates (or offers EV subsidies) and set your Leaf to charge at those times. It’s great for the wallet and the grid.
  5. There’s something in the air. EV power is cheaper to run than fossil fuel but there are still ways to be more frugal. Adjust your driving style to a more fluid smoother ride. Accelerate more linearly and brake in advance (better still, use the Nissan Leaf’s new e-pedal function). Plus keep your tyres correctly inflated too, this adds to vehicle efficiency. Remember, small changes can equal big results.