New Nissan Navara ST-X

25 July 2018 | News

Take a closer look at the New Nissan Navara ST-X

1: Adventurer highway – a closer look at the New Nissan Navara ST-X
It’s fair to say that at Ingham Nissan we love our cars, (they’re modern, well designed and easy to drive) but we also love our utes too, (tough, versatile, adventurous). Wouldn’t it be great to have both? well, we may have the perfect solution, with the new Nissan Navara ST-X. We took our own ‘Panther Black’ model out for the day to see how it performed.

Town and city.
With its remodelled front design, shapely bonnet, contrasting chrome grille, running boards, and rear bumper plus let’s not forget its highly polished alloys, ST-X is an upmarket sight regardless of which suburb we passed by. Being the dual cab option there was plenty of room for driver and passengers, albeit family or friends and the refreshed cabin made everyone feel welcome. With Keyless entry, Push Button start, Cruise control, 6 Speaker stereo, Sat Nav, heated seats and power points everywhere it was hard not to believe we were in a Nissan SUV. Its tight turning circle made Mall and Block parking a breeze especially when assisted with parking sensors and 360 degree camera.
The 2.3L diesel engine felt strong and the auto gearbox was smooth, great on the open road and powerful enough for any adventure.

Country and Beyond
With the Skytower disappearing in our rearview mirror, we turned the dial that engaged 4WD and hunted out some rough terrain. With hill descent control,traction control, brake limited slip differential, a ground clearance of 228mm and large approach and departure angles, the rugged New Zealand landscape was there to be explored. We took on the wilds of Orewa, ok so it wasn’t the Southern Alps but it did give us a taste of how adept the Navara was off-road – plus we needed to be back for afternoon tea.
None of us know where our lives are headed, so why not be prepared with a Ingham Nissan Navara ST-X. Come and take a look today.

2: 5 Reasons to own a Nissan ute

Our History – We’ve been into trucks for over 80 years. Yep you heard that correctly, long before utes were the popular lifestyle choice they are today, our 15 and 17T’s were trucking all manner of goods along roads yet to meet tarmac.
You’re in good company – With 14 million pickup owners spanning 180 different countries and climbing, you could say you’re not alone with us.
You’ll get more friends – From that weekend call to join friends on an adventure (so long as you bring your 4×4) to the family member that needs something moved, you’ll find your popularity increases the moment the Navara arrives on your driveway. In fact, the only way to be more in demand is to…
Add a towbar – With the Navara’s 3,500kg (braked) towing capacity, expect that call to join boat owner friends or those with track cars. There may even be something YOU need to tow.
The choice is yours – With 2WD, 4WD, Single, Dual or King Cab options, the Navara fits with your life and not the other way around.

3: Nissan Navara ST-X

Utes are made for carrying stuff and it’s something the Navara ST-X excels at.
With a cargo bed that measures almost 1 cubic metre and a payload rating of 931kg this got us wondering what the Navara could carry – here are a few things we came up with.

1 Family sized Spa pool (see, it’s a fun for all). 1500 ‘Venti’ Coffees (that is one long caffeine buzz). 45,000 Marshmallows (smores enough for a lifetime of campside fires) 1/6000th of a Goodyear blimp (a must for any sports enthusiast).

2 Grand pianos (at 450 kgs a music hall piano is substantial, but the Navara can carry two).
2 horses (Arabian over 380 kgs each) or (almost) 2 polar/grizzly bears or 1/10th of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 4 cubic meters of snow, that would make an awesome snowman. 1/75th the weight of the Space Shuttle. Almost 150 bowling balls (with room enough in the cabin for the shoes, best keep the windows open though)

What would you carry?